The A4 study: Now is the time to join the fight to prevent Alzheimer's disease.
Am I eligible for the A4 study?

Eligibility Requirements

Like most clinical trials, the A4 study has very specific eligibility requirements. You may be eligible to join the A4 study if you:
  • Are 65 to 85 years old
  • Have normal thinking and memory abilities
  • Have an A4 study partner – someone who has at least weekly contact with you who can answer questions once a year
  • Are willing and able to receive IV infusions of the investigational treatment or placebo for 39 months (42 total infusions); all A4 participants must be willing and able to participate in all required procedures for the duration of the A4 study.
  • Are willing to have your health monitored throughout the study using assessments such as:
    • Memory and thinking tests
    • ECGs (a look at your heart)
    • PET scan (a way to look for the plaques thought to be associated with AD)
    • MRI scans (a way to take a picture of your brain)
    • Blood and urine tests
Watch the A4 Study Video
Hear directly from Dr. Reisa Sperling and other Alzheimer’s disease experts explain the A4 study, share what makes the A4 study so unique, and why now is the time to participate.

Watch the A4 Study Video

Unfortunately, the A4 study is not for everyone. You are not eligible to join the A4 study if you:
  • Receive treatment for Alzheimer's disease or are taking AD-related medications
  • Are diagnosed with a current serious or unstable illness
  • Reside in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home
Find a Location Near You
The A4 study has locations across North America and Australia. To find an A4 study site nearest you, register to learn more or visit the locations map.

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